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James Ma

James Ma

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If you’ve been fortunate enough to followed James over the course of his over 22 years of experience in Silicon Valley real estate, you would’ve known he has been not only brutally honest with his clients. He’d also fought extra hard to negotiating the best price for his clients.

In addition, you would have found that James has been extremely accurate in predicting the market trend for the Valley over the last 10 years. This has been especially important and true since 2004. It’s clear, by looking at a sampling of his comments in the past newsletters, that James truly has a keen sense regarding the real estate market.

The following are some examples:

Jan 20, 2005… “I don’t expect that price increase will continue as interest rates rise.”

March 15, 2005... “Property values have increased very rapidly in a short period of time, particularly in the under $1 mil range. At some point, the buyers will resist.”

September 27, 2005… “We expect a slow down for the first-time buyer market in the next few months as the interest rate increases. This increase cost of homeownership coupled with the holiday season all play a factor in the first-time buyer marketplace.”

April 11, 2006… “ The inventory of homes on the market has been increasing steadily since January. This has forced us to get back to the basics where location, pricing, and condition are the utmost importance. Another important factor connected with increasing inventory is the availability of similar competing properties. In other words, what can the buyers buy instead of your home. Some neighborhoods will always have more to choose from because of its demography and density. Therefore, it’s important to evaluate the entire market when pricing a home.”

August 19, 2008… “Personally, I believe that, the mortgage rate, the inventory, and consumer confidence will play the key roles in the first quarter of 2009, with a favorable mortgage rate as your first batter. I also agree with the point that median price may drop back to the levels of 2003 or 2004 in many areas, particularly the first-time buyer market. If so, it might be the end of the bottoming.

March 3, 2009… “...with the investors supporting the housing price of the first-time buyer market, we may see the bottom of these areas in the next 6 months…”

While James was making the above predictions he continued to give bold and honest advice to his clients. He had the strength to recommend few of his clients NOT to purchase homes in 2005 and 2006. He is most proud of this same advice he gave to three single moms. Even though he would have made more money, James strongly believed that he should stand behind his own words and look out for his clients’ best interests. Ultimately, this saved these individuals tens and thousands of dollars, or even their homes.

As we progress into 2015, James will continue strive to serve the industry with the utmost honesty, integrity, and fiduciary duty for his clients.